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Russian Library

A variety of books in Russian for children, teenagers and grownups

4000 books in Russian
Russian Library - Helenenstraße 5

We are pleased to inform everybody that the Russian library from the private family collection is newly opened in Baden. We have got about 4000 books at the moment and we hope to get more further on. You can find the variety of books in Russian for children, teenagers and grownups. You are interested in Russian classics of the 19th - 20th century, historical books, autobiographies and biographies, the modern belletristic, fiction or fantasy You should visit us. The foreign classic and modern authors in Russian translation are also available. Either You are an average reader, a student or a specialist You can find the proper book. If You have got children bring them with You and they will surely find something interesting. If You are not a native speaker in Russian do not hesitate to visit us and we will help You to make a right choice. You can discuss the books with us and we can give You an advice what to choose.
To visit us just give a call a bit in advance and we will open the library for You. Just come, get the books and enjoy reading!
If You do not need some books of Yours the donations are welcomed.

ADDRESS: Helenenstrasse, 5, 2500, Baden
CONTACT: Mag. Olga KADYMOVA, tel. 0676 730 17 75


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