Baden bei Wien


Baden is wonderfully nestled amidst the Vienna Woods. These invite you to walk along magnificent forest roads to panoramic spots and tourist attractions; the places, where people sought relaxation and exercise on interesting forays in imperial times already, and thus supported the healthful effects of Baden sulphur water and the cure. 

Even back then, people appreciated the effects of exercise on health, body and mind, and the Baden spa park, the adjacent Helenental valley and the vineyards provided perfect opportunities for that.
The vineyards around town invite you to go on comfortable strolls, and even the locals use them as nearby recreational areas and open air sports facilities. But the surroundings also invite you for hikes and longer trips: across Baden spa park and the Beethoven Temple to the Kaiser Franz Josef Museum or both ruins - Rauhenstein and Rauheneck or to Heiligenkreuz, Mayerling via the historical and famous "Wegerl im Helenental" (Helenental valley footpath).
The culture trails between Baden, Heiligenkreuz and Alland link cultural and historical sites and varied paths through beautiful Helenental valley.

You can get more information and hiking maps at Tourist Information Baden.

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