Baden bei Wien


During a walk through the rosarium in Doblhoffpark or a hike through the spa gardens, the green oases of the spa town of Baden invite you to relax and linger.

Imperial: Doblhoffpark

Doblhoffpark with more than 8 ha and an idyllic pond numbers among the most popular destinations in Baden. The restored Baroque orangery provides a delightful backdrop for extended walks. The park used to be part of Weikersdorf Castle, generally called "Doblhoff Castle" after its last owners. In the 1960ies, Doblhoffpark became the property of the municipality of Baden that built today's rosarium in it based on the plans of architect Viktor Mödlhammer.

Enchanting: The rosarium

The rosarium in Doblhoffpark, Austria's largest rose garden, invites you to stroll around and enjoy it year round. Well over 600 rose types with such melodic names like "Märchenkönigin - Fairy tale queen", "Goldmarie - Golden Mary" and "Kaiserin Elisabeth - Empress Elisabeth" blossom on more than 30,000 rose trees in 175 beds. The roses are in bloom twice a year, once in June and the second time in October.

Spacious: The spa park

Baden's spa park has 52 ha and is thus one of the largest in Europe. Next to a beautiful landscape, piece and quiet, and relaxation, the spa park also offers numerous historical attractions: a Beethoven temple, the bandstand with daily concerts during the summer, several monuments of artists and emperors, the Undine fountain and a nostalgic park café. The garden is home to a variety of semitropical plants and fascinates visitors with decorative floral ornaments. There is a smooth transition from spa park to the Austrian pine forest of Vienna Woods with its many hiking trails at Kalvarienberg.

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