Baden bei Wien

"Ausg'steckt is" - or - The tavern is now open

The specifically Austrian culture of "Heuriger" - the new wine - was developed in the early Middle Ages. All citizens of Baden had the right to, even back then, serve homemade wine "under their own steam" - in their own homes. Young men went through the villages with a pine bush-decorated rod to announce the premises where they started to serve new wine. To this day, putting pine bushes on the entrances of vineyards is part of that "Heuriger" tradition.

Baden's wine snack

Spend some delightful hours enjoying new wines at the tavern...

You can find out who has just put on the pine bush - "ausg'steckt" - in the Badener Heurigenkalender (tavern calendar), or on the Badener Heurigentelefon: 02252/45 6 40 or here.

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